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New bicycle and electric scooter sharing service launches in Singapore

Richard Pain | June 14, 2017
Operated by Singapore start-up Neuron Mobility, the new bicycles and electric scooters are already available at Science Park 1

Zachary Wang, Founder of Neuron Mobility
Zachary Wang, Founder of Neuron Mobility with the new e-scooter and dock.

Singapore’s fourth bicycle sharing company, operated by Neuron Mobility, launches today. This new service will offer customers the choice of renting either a bicycle or electric scooter. Unlike existing bike sharing companies which allow riders to park their bikes wherever they wish, these bikes and scooters will have to be collected and parked in special orange docks.

The first set of bikes, scooters and docks will be located at Science Park 1, and later expanded across the island. By requiring users to collect and dock their bikes and scooters at the designated docks, Neuron Networks hopes to avoid the negative perception that rental bikes are being left carelessly in public places.

Customers can download the Neuron Mobility app to find the location available bikes, scooters and docks. Whether renting a bike or scooter, the price is the same as other self-service rental services, costing an upfront SG$49 deposit followed by a 50 cent charge per 15 minutes use.

Neuron Mobility App Screenshot
Screenshot of the Neuron Mobility App

The docks are embedded with 3G SIM cards, RFID and a host of other sensors, which update the app and Neuron Mobility itself, of the location and status of the docks, bikes and scooters. As the service expands across Singapore, company founder Zachary Wang hopes that the data provided by these sensors will help the company provide a better service for customers.

The docks do not require drilling or any public works to fix them in place, aside from a power connection which charges the scooters. In the instance that a dock, bike or scooter is stolen, Neuron Networks will be alerted by the location and motion sensors in the devices and will respond accordingly.

Neuron Mobility bicycle
The new Neuron Mobility bicycle, available now at Science Park 1

Neuron Mobility is the first startup to benefit from a new support and training programme provided by Esri Singapore, which is aimed at equipping startups with sophisticated location analytics skills and capabilities. Zachary Wang, founder of Neuron Mobility said: “The Esri Startup Programme has provided us with a full-suit software platform and professional support, which a startup would typically not be able to afford. By participating in this programme, we have now been equipped with powerful tools that enable us to make informed decisions for the initial years of our business.”


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