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Dive into National Day Parade actions via 360-degree videos on YouTube

Nayela Deeba | Aug. 8, 2017
Experience how it feels to dive off a Chinook helicopter or skydive with the Red Lions even as you stay rooted to the ground.

NDPeeps YouTube channel to watch 360-degree videos during National Day Parade
Credit: NDPeeps YouTube channel

Viewers of Singapore's National Day Parade (NDP) can experience jumping off a Chinook helicopter or skydiving with the Red Lions as they watch the event from the comfort of their homes tomorrow.

This is because six NDP segments will be streamed on NDPeeps' YouTube channel in 360-degree, with built-in virtual reality (VR) features, to allow viewers to see from the stunt performer's point of view.  The segments are:

  1. Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)' Red Lions sky-diving segments
  2. Naval divers jumping off Chinook helicopter in helocast mission
  3. Navy's Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats giving high speed chase
  4. Army's Armoured Engineer Vehicle removing obstacles
  5. SAF and Home Team countering Terrorism
  6. Fireworks

Viewers can stream these videos on their desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

Desktop users will need to drag their mouse around to view the 360-degree videos. They are recommended to install the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer to view the videos in high quality.

Meanwhile, mobile users can enjoy the videos by holding their device up and rotating it, or freely navigating using their fingers. Mobile users are advised to have the most updated version of the YouTube app to avoid lags.

As for those with VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, they can view the videos in VR mode.

Viewers are also recommended to watch the "live" stream in areas with stable and strong internet connection, with bandwidth speeds that range at least 20 mbps. However, they are warned that connection speeds may be affected if other apps or services are being viewed/played at the same time.

In addition, viewers who will be at congested areas such as the Marina Bay may encounter lower video resolutions, and should expect slight delays between the "live" stream on YouTube as well as the actual show. 

According to the NDP 2017 Committee, this initiative lets viewers enjoy the parade in more than one way. It takes them away from the conventional practice of watching the parade from The Float @ Marina Bay or their television sets at home. It also supports Singapore's Smart Nation vision by using new and emerging technologies.


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