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The best private cloud in the world - hands down!

Hans Dekkers, Vice President, IBM Systems for Cloud Platforms, ASEAN | Dec. 14, 2017
The best private cloud in the world - hands down!

Do you perceive IBM’s technology as expensive? Do you perceive IBM’s technology as superior?

Do you perceive your infrastructure and licensing costs as spinning out of control?

Permit me to delve further.

What if I told you about an I/O monster the size of 1-2 refrigerators, which could replace 4,000 x86 servers, scale up to 8,000 virtual machines, plus tens of thousands of containers, and halve your x86 server database costs? And it’s all at a starting price lower than 500$K including five years’ maintenance.

 I truly believe that no other Linux server on the planet offers all of these capabilities, along with military-grade security, and this Linux server is IBM’s LinuxONE

Of course, having an unbeatable Linux system is invaluable. Let’s be honest. Linux has become the poster child for open source software and established itself as the favored operating system for next-generation applications – the Internet of Things, analytics, big data, cognitive computing, and more.

Being a truly open system, LinuxONE runs it all:

  • Linux from Ubuntu, Red Hat or Suse
  • Virtualization like KVM, Z/VM, LPAR hypervisors and Docker containers
  • Languages and runtimes like Python, Ruby, Node.js, OpenJDK, Java or Java Script
  • And your database management and analytics platforms of choice

LinuxONE also boasts 10 Terabytes of shared memory and 640 dedicated I/O processors, a revolution in server design. We have tried to break it ;)… but it keeps delivering consistent response times, no matter its load.

Check out how Chinese cloud services provider, Huaxia, took advantage of LinuxONE’s enterprise class experience. It’s an example of virtually unlimited non-disruptive scalability, along with sub-second response times that transformed China’s highway ticketing system, saving the infrastructure costs of hundreds of thousands of x86 machines.

Of course, the capability of LinuxONE to support 30 billion RESTful web interactions per day also played a key role in the decision.

Need more convincing? Check out how Cognition Foundry favoured LinuxONE for a blockchain application, which alleviates extreme poverty in a project with their client, Plastic Bank. They called it the most secure platform in the world! 

And now, we are making this unique and game-changing solution available to you at a lower entry price than ever before.

As far as I am concerned personally, the offering I discuss here and in the presentation, is like nothing else in the market. A truly unique and affordable private cloud for your key and most critical records.

No one else has an affordable variation of this offering. It’s unbeaten.

If you want to discuss this, get in touch and I’ll happily show you how you can slice your current infrastructure server cost by 50 percent, because we all know that cost cutting and technology are synonymous today.


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