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Tested: 6 tips to extend your Chromebook's battery life

Chromebooks have typically fared pretty well in the battery department, thanks to running a much less resource-intensive operating system than Windows- or Mac-based computers. Nonetheless, there are always a few tweaks you can employ to keep chugging through the end of the day. We'll show you where to dig into Chrome's settings and use workarounds if you're in desperate straits--or if you just want to optimize your Chromebook's battery life.

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Storage buying guide: selecting the perfect storage device for your needs

The advent of streaming music services, and more recently of video on demand services (SVOD) in Australia such as Netflix, Stan, and Presto, has put a lot of audio and video content within fingertip reach. You can access it whenever you want, without you having to worry about the amount of storage space in your computing device. But not everyone has the ability to stream, and local storage is still as important as ever for backups. Here's our guide on the best storage solution for your data storage problem.

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